Wedding Snapchat Geo Filter 👻

Wedding Snapchat Geo Filter 👻

$ 5.00

Featuring our personalized wedding Snapchat Geo Filter collection! 👻

This exciting Snapchat wedding geo filter is the final touch to your wedding! Your friends and family will share their snapped moments from your special day with this personalized filter! 


Please note, that Snapchat does not allow hashtags (#), logos and trademarks as part of filters. Snapchat also does not allow first and last names together, it is one or the other.  

You will be sent a .png image file along with instructions that you can directly upload to Snapchat within 24 hours. The file will be sent to the email address that you enter at check out. 

You will then upload it to Snapchat and select the area, date, and time you want your filter to be active. Then during that date and time anyone in the area you selected will be able to use your filter on Snapchat!

Uploading a custom filter to Snapchat is an additional expense. Prices vary depending on size of location and duration. A 20,000 square foot area and 8-hour time period is $5 (the minimum dollar amount). This would cover almost all weddings. If you want your geofilter to apply to two different locations (for example in the ceremony area and a separate reception area) you will need to set two separate geofilters. Uploading your filter is a simple & quick process that you complete online with your Snapchat account online.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question!